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Whatever your needs, you'll find first-hand impressions and professional opinions about the new Saab models that most interest you like the popular new 9-3 or the . All Saab reviews include comparisons, interior and exterior analysis, options & features, and test drives.

2008 Saab 9-3
Saab is a small Swedish car company with a long history in rallying on the one hand and safety research on the other, with a small but loyal following around the world. It has been effectively turned into the American marketing arm of Germany's Opel by its owner, General Motors

Saab Cars

SAAB is not just resting on its history of having designed jets, it operates as if it were designing them today. Consider the degree of precision and attention to detail one needs to create the jet fighter aircraft the "SAAB Gryphon." SAAB maintains the same level of precision and durability in their automobiles as they do in their jets.

SAAB's first V8 is introduced in the 9-7X, a new addition to its lineup. Dropped onto an American truck platform, the 9-7X is solid and good-looking, with plenty of luxury and safety innovations. A comfortable, well-configured SUV, the SAAB 9-7X has plenty of what the SUV-prone buying public is looking for.

Available as a sport sedan, convertible, or a sport wagon, the SAAB 9-3 will give many folks exactly what they want no matter which body style they need. The SAAB 9-3 has a new V6 engine and remains firmly ensconced in its aircraft engineering paradigm. You only need a quick fly-through the cockpit to recognize numerous aircraft-inspired touches that are more functional that for appearances.

In an effort to capture a segment of the cay-buying public previously untapped, SAAB has introduced the SAAB 9-2X, a low-cost sport model that SAAB believes will entice people to make the move to their neighborhood. Although smaller and more compact than other models, settling into the 9-2X one immediately gets in sync with all they expect from a SAAB. There are plenty of standard safety features, such as front airbags and seat tensioners, to make anyone feel safe and at home.