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Whatever your needs, you'll find first-hand impressions and professional opinions about the new Porsche models that most interest you like the popular new Cayenne or the 911. All Porsche reviews include comparisons, interior and exterior analysis, options & features, and test drives.

2008 Porsche 911
Porsche has been refining, redesigning and updating the basic shape of the 911 sports car for more than 40 years, with versions such as the removable-roof Targa, the cabriolet (convertible), the four-wheel-drive 4S, the awesome Turbo, and high-performance versions called GT2 and GT3. The engine has gone from a VW-based four-cylinder opposed air-cooled engine in the first 911 to a Porsche-designed, liquid-cooled six-cylinder, twin-turbocharged in some models, but always nestled behind the rear window.   
2008 Porsche Cayenne
When the Porsche Cayenne was launched four years ago enthusiasts cried blasphemy. Porsche should not build sport-utilities, they said, Porsche should build sports cars. But buyers won the vote. Cayenne had what they needed in a five-passenger SUV: more cargo space than a sedan, off-highway capability, and impressive towing capacity.. They found the Cayenne technologically advanced and remarkably fast, as Porsches are supposed to be. So, they wondered, why all the hand wringing?

Porsche Cars

Ever since Ferdinand Porsche built his 356 roadster, the name Porsche has become synonymous with high performance sports cars. Today, the name Porsche is as strong as ever in the realm of performance automobiles, no matter which Porsche model is discussed. Whether the Porsche Cayenne, Boxster, or 911 is the topic of conversation, it is their power, handling, and craftsmanship that inspires superlatives.

All modern day discussions about Porsche begin with the 911, successor to the 356. It is with the 911 that the name Porsche would be defined and upon which the rest of the dynasty would be derived. The Porsche 911 of today is an easy car to drive and maintain. With a 3.6 or 3.8 liter 6-cylinder engine, it elevates its super car status.

The Porsche Boxster is another superbly designed sports car with ample power, 295hp, and agile handling characteristics due to its mid-engine balance. Even if you choose your Porsche Boxster with a Tiptronic S automatic transmission, you will be amazed at its quick 0-60 acceleration. Those who prefer the manual transmission, will achieve a Zen-like state of transcendence from running the Boxster through the gears and hearing that engine rev.

Those in the know consider the Porsche Cayenne a true SUV muscle car, and with good reason. Consider the Cayenne Turbo-S, with its 0-60 in 4.9 seconds, a quick sprint to the mall can be a thrilling adventure. The 4.0L V8 engine in this rocket can take the SUV up to 171mph. Porsche has branched out into other vehicle configurations and has gained even more appreciation for manufacturing vehicles with incomparable quality.