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Whatever your needs, you'll find first-hand impressions and professional opinions about the new Mercury models that most interest you like the popular new Milan or the Sable. All Mercury reviews include comparisons, interior and exterior analysis, options & features, and test drives.

2008 Mercury Mariner
The Mercury Mariner offers everything most buyers seek in a small sport-utility vehicle, including the high, commanding seating position and lots of cargo space, with more maneuverability and better fuel economy than behemoth, truck-based SUVs. For 2008, the Mariner simply does those things a little better than before. Like its corporate sibling, the Ford Escape, the Mariner has been thoroughly updated for 2008.   
2008 Mercury Mountaineer
The Mercury Mountaineer is a traditional sport-utility vehicle. Essentially the Mercury version of the Ford Explorer, the Mountaineer is based on a truck chassis for improved towing and hauling capability. If you have a boat to tow and a family to haul, this is a good choice.   

2008 Mercury Milan
The Mercury Milan is a good choice among a superb selection of midsize sedans. Designed to compete with the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry, the Milan is based on the superb Mazda 6 platform. It is smaller than the Sable, and is Mercury's entry-level car. It shares much in common with the new Ford Fusion.   
2008 Mercury Sable
For 2008, Mercury has rescued the good parts of the old Montego sedan, dumped the rest, and made what Ford Motor Company says are more than 500 individual improvements. So much has changed that the division has gone back to the old Sable name for the car, to see if it brings this product any greater recognition and/or market success.

Mercury Cars

Created from scratch like its defunct cousin the Edsel, Mercury was its own division of Ford Motor Company until 1945 until it was combined with Lincoln into the Lincoln Mercury Division, in the hopes that it would come to be known as a sort of Lincoln junior. In 1949, when Ford and Lincoln were also radically redesigned, Mercury introduced the first of its modes with integrated bodies, and in 1952 it updated its look again. In 1958 Lincoln-Mercury combined with Edsel as the Mercury-Edsel-Lincoln Division, but with the 1960 demise of Edsel, the original Lincoln-Mercury name was restored, and it has remained ever since.

During the 1950s and 60s Mercury went through several identity changes, moving between being a spiffed up Ford to a toned down Lincoln, to having its own body designs. It's best success was during the 1950's when most of its designs were essentially stretched and lowered Ford platforms. In the early 1970s, the brand separated itself from Ford somewhat, and offered such models as the Park Lane, Cougar and Marquis, but by the end of the decade, and through the 1980s, Mercury was once again joined at the hip with Ford, to the former's detriment.

Today, Mercury's range is rather small and quite similar to those automobiles sold under the Ford brand. It's alliance with Lincoln, which dealers also sell Mercury cars to appeal to those seeking lower prices, has kept the brand alive, and the introduction of new models like the Montego and Mariner has helped it continue on, and right now it is marketing aggressively, and is rumored to be actively trying to appeal specifically to female drivers. The positive response to the Mercury Milan girl commercial has been greater than we had expected.