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With easy-to-swallow MSRPs ranging from just $12,915 to $13,879, the 2009 Kia Rio5 is making a big splash in the ocean of subcompact car sales. People love this 5-door hatchback that has received accolades from both J. D. Powers and the US EPA for being one of the most fuel efficient vehicles on the planet at 27/32 mpg city/highway rating. The 60-month/60,000 mile basic warranty and 4-star frontal crash test ratings from the NHTSA is worthy of praise also.

The Rio5 is in competition with cars like the Honda Fit, the Chevrolet Aveo and the Hyundai Accent. It is also notable for coming stock with 6 separate airbags - a feature not normally seen in a subcompact automobile. It also features seat belt pretensioners and a nice array of standard safety features. The styling of the 2009 Rio5 is bold and slightly aggressive, especially considering that it's just a little guy. Whereas the Hyundai Accent is based more towards comfort, the Rio5 is based on agile performance standards.

That is due to the surprising responsiveness presented to drivers from the more-than-adequate 1.6L 110hp 4-cylinder engine. It's actually quite sophisticated with its dual overhead cams and variable timing scheme. With a curb weight of only 2438 pounds, it takes off quickly and loves to run as hard as you need it to. Overall dimensions for these little monsters are 158.1" x 66.7" x 57.9" (L x W x H) and a ground clearance of 6.1" - not exactly 4WD stuff, but definitely serves its purposes.

Now, just because the Kia Rio5 is little doesn't mean that it wimpy in any way. It has a lot of attitude and isn't afraid to let it show. It shows off its strong nose and large headlamps proudly to all onlookers. It appears poised - like it has a constant mission to fulfill. The Rio5 hatchback is 6.6 inches shorter than its sedan-styled brother. It's even over an inch shorter than the Hyundai Accent, but that only gives it more of a sporty, ready-to-pounce look. The distinctive rear end features large wrap-around backing lights that are integrated nicely into the body.

The 2009 Kia Rio5 is a very economical 5-door hatchback that isn't afraid to let you know it's there. It serves as an agile and capable subcompact car that delivers excellent fuel efficiency. Competitors beware: the Rio5 is on the prowl and it isn't going to back down anytime soon!

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